SHINE Dementia – Supporting Health care workers In understanding New approaches in Evidence based Training in Dementia

The SHINE Dementia program is a sustainable training program for staff who works with patients who have dementia. It has evolved from the desire and passion of our staff to provide outstanding patient care to this patient group all of the time. Equally, it has been developed so that our staff feel empowered with the knowledge, skill and tools to be able to play their role in providing care to these patients.
The KAW-AG Unit at Bundoora Extended Care Centre is a 15 bed continuing care GEM Unit that specialises in treating patients who have behaviours related to Dementia, delirium or cognitive impairment.Typically the admissions come from the acute sector, the community or residential care where these patients are no longer manageable with current resources. The admission to KAW-AG is about assessment, stabilising patients medically, managing behaviours and supporting the patient and their family in the decision making process regarding long term care and support. All of this is carried as a true partnership with the patient and their significant others. In KAW managing the behaviours associated with this patient group can be complex and challenging. We often have the distressing situation of seeing episodes of patient aggression cause staff harm and injury. At Northern Health we wanted to find a solution that addressed all these issues.
In searching for solutions we have looked outside the square and found ourselves with a program that is multi dimensional. Online learning is just one component to the SHINE Dementia Program. We have engaged the support and mentorship of the Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Service (DBMAS) who have supported us in the introduction of concept mapping to this patient group. From this we can then develop a plan of care around the individual patient. We have also involved our geriatricians in the education program and they now provide regular in-service to staff as well as a significant contribution to the on line learning modules. Practical sessions on recognising the early signs of aggression and managing actual physical aggression episodes have been provided by ISTA, an external security company that have specifically developed a program for healthcare workers, who work with patients who have dementia. We have also consulted and been guided by our partners at Latrobe University-Time for dementia-The Victorian Tasmania dementia training study centre who developed the ENABLE program which is widely used in residential care settings.
The On line Modules that you are about complete are being delivered to you via a Wiki space so that you have access from remote devices, and can undertake at a time that suits you.
Now it’s your time to "Shine!"